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I started this blog, originally titled Following Jesus as a Woman, strictly for exploring issues of womanhood and gender in light of faith in Christ. I was, bluntly, tired of just swallowing what others taught me about women in ministry. While I felt that any exploration of the issue would seem self-serving and rebellious, I took the plunge anyway. It has been an amazingly eye-opening journey that I have not walked alone. I have had women and men support, encourage, and challenge me and I am so grateful for them (you!) all. Since then, I have expanded what I write about, especially after I experienced pregnancy loss in 2011, but I often revisit my original questions. You can read my very first post here.

My most popular blog posts are always on the right side of my blog. Here is a list of a few of my personal favorites, especially for readers new to my blog:

Notable Series include:

In & Out : On stereotypes and sexual orientation

From Dating to Marriage


Husband, the Provider: Is this a biblical mandate?

Stories of Hope: Stories about things that give me hope

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