Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Thoughts Before Sleep: Brought to You by the Woombie

You need a little bit of backstory for this to make sense.

August has been breaking out of his swaddle every few hours for the past weeks. Prior to this, when the swaddle was holding him in, he was sleeping through the night for 10-11 hours (and then going back to sleep after eating for another hour or two). The swaddle failure resulted in him waking up and waking us up many times each night. Sunday, I gave in to the desperation and ordered some Woombies in the hopes that they would get us back to sleeping through the night. The Woombies arrived yesterday.

I finally went to bed last night at 11:46pm. I glance at August sound asleep in the monitor and these were my thoughts:

Sweet Lord Baby Jesus, please, please let August sleep through the night.

Wait, no, I really mean this prayer, I shouldn't use Sweet Lord Baby Jesus when praying seriously. How I address God matters.

What should I use?

Strong Lord King Jesus.

No, Lord and King are redundant; Strong King Jesus.

Yes, Strong King Jesus, please help August to sleep.

Man, I really need to turn stop thinking and just go to sleep.

But man, that Sweet Baby Jesus stuff really has crept into my thought life. Where did that come from? Glee? Something else? I mean, it's fine when I'm only looking for a parking spot and not really serious, but it should not be my go-to way to ask God for something.

I should blog about this.

Blog, haha, as if I actually blog anymore. 

But this is important! The Sweet Baby Jesus thing has got to stop. I know it's not just me. How we address God matters. A lot. 

Man, Dr. Lugioyo would probably get a kick out of this. [Seminary prof.]

I need to go to sleep!!!

[Insert thoughts private thoughts about work here.]

I wish I could blog about work too. Well, not really. That would be bad. But I do love work so much and wish I could share it with the world.

Man, Josh is warm. He's sleeping so well.

Strong, strike that, Mighty King Jesus, please help August sleep like his dad.

Frack Laura, go to sleep.

And then I proceded to sleep until 5:45! Win! We're only on night two of the Woombie, but we already LOVE it. August was so much happier today after a good night's sleep. He went from 7pm-5:45, and then went back to sleep until 8 when I had to wake him up to leave the house. Man, it was amazing.

Also, I miss you bloggy friends. Life is full and rewarding right now, but I do miss you. I don't necessarily miss the blogging world in whole, but I do miss connecting with the people on the other end of the internet. 

Here's the latest of the boy.

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