Sunday, November 11, 2012

August's Baptism

Before you watch this video, you should know that the camera battery died prematurely. Hence the cliffhanger ending. But here's the text of what I read at August's baptism today:
Today we baptize our son August Jack Ziesel. We don't believe this act creates any sort of guarantee that August will be a follower of Christ, but we baptize him in order to recognize the fact that August belongs to God and was His son before he was ours. As August is in a helpless state right now, unable to provide for himself, we believe that we would be equally helpless had God not come to our rescue in the person of Jesus. Because of Jesus' life and death, we believe that God looks at our son even now, before he has accomplished anything in this life, and is able to say as He said to Jesus, "You are My Beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased." May we parent after the model of our heavenly Father who is abundantly patient, joyful, and wise.
Yeah, I may have cried.

It was an extremely meaningful day as we were surrounded by our church family, my father (all of August's grandparents live on the East Coast), family friends (who are actually my sister's godparents), and dear friends from the community in which Josh and I met at NYU. For a couple who just moved to California two and a half years ago, such a gathering is rare.

For the first time, I just put my baby down for bed in a crib instead of in his bassinet. It might be making me slightly sentimental. Despite the tiredness and busyness, it is such a joy to be August's mother and to parent alongside my wonderful husband. Before I know it, he'll be taking the SAT, so I want to cherish these days.
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