Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stuck in a Naming Rut

Before we knew the baby was a boy, we decided to largely avoid talking about names for our child. We do not see eye-to-eye at all on the matter. I tend to like grandpa names; Josh tends to like trendier names. We also have a hard last name in some ways, so we want first names for our kids that go with Ziesel well. It can't end in an "s" or it sounds weird; it shouldn't require spelling 'cause Ziesel already does; it should be something people know how to pronounce, unlike Ziesel. 

We currently have a Google Doc with lots of options, but to be honest, I don't love any of the names at this point. 

I really want to love my son's name, but I'm starting to realize that I might not. I think I might not have the gene required to love a name. I never fell in love with my wedding dress like a lot of brides do. I didn't fall in love with Josh right away. I haven't known what I've wanted to do as a career my whole life. Things grow on me in a very unromantic way.

My son I'll love, but is it as important to love his name?

I'm been thinking a lot about the enormous responsibility of naming recently because of this dilemma. Naming a child is so permanent. Each name has meaning, baggage, cultural limitations. 

In addition, we like some Bible names, but those are so dangerous. No figure in the Bible, other than Jesus, has a clean record. They're all sinners: Abraham, Noah, Peter. They all have a permanent record of their wrong-doings for my kid to read. I don't mind that my kid learns about sin at a young age, but some of those stories are downright embarrassing. Do people with Bible names associate their own character with their namesake? I've never known what it would be like to be named Eve or Ruth or Joanna. 

Parents who have struggled with names, do you have any tips? Also, I'd love name suggestions. Seriously. We're stuck in a naming rut, and some fresh ideas might help. 

Fill in the blank: ________ ________ Ziesel

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