Friday, October 1, 2010


For the sake of nutritional recipes and frugal living, I follow a few "homemaking"-type blogs. I find these hit or miss in their relevancy to me, being that 1) I have no children and 2) Josh and I consider it our equal duties to run our home.  We are very pragmatic in how we approach duties:

-If someone hates doing a chore, the other person will usually do it out of service. 
-If someone genuinely likes a certain chore (as do I with finances), that person usually handles those responsibilities.
-If we are working equally on non-homemaking things, we split things 50/50 for the most part.
-If one of us is working less, they carry a heavier load at home.

Recently, most duties have fallen back to me since Josh is in school, working 23-30 hours a week, and studying. And as I'm working from home on and off, I'm very happy to pick up the slack.  

But one thing I've been thinking about is the purpose of the home. I will admit that I am a homebody in that I would almost always prefer to be in my home than out and about. I always feel a slight sense of discomfort in others' homes until I have been there many times. Thinking about this, as we make new friends in CA (and all other homes are still uncomfortable to me), I have been feeling convicted that homes should not be intended for the comfort and glory of those who live in them; homes should be places of service and ministry to your family, friends, and the world. They should be the the place out of which things grow: ideas, children, hearts, passions. I have been especially passionate about this lately, as I desire greatly to invite people into our home to entertain and spend time together, especially friends we have in the area that we haven't seen yet. But, our current financial situation is so tight that we are unable to extend invitations freely. And that sucks. But the fact that I am desiring to bless others through our home is good. And I want to remember it when I'm busy and stressed later in life. I want to remember what the home is for, and I want to act on it.

Anyway, those are just some musings on this Friday afternoon.
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