Monday, February 15, 2010


A little while ago I was reading someone's blog and realized that Christian wives are often told that their priorities should be in this order:

1) God
2) Husband
3) Children
4) House
5) Others

I immediately reread it, thinking I had misread her writing.  House comes before others!?!  Is it just me, or is this horrible?  Yes, taking care of your home is a good thing, but is it more important than loving and serving living, breathing people?  

I, of all people, appreciate a nice, clean house.  I grew up in such a nice home that I am in shock when people live in grime and filth.  But, my parents had it pretty easy.  They had three pretty clean daughters and both my mom and dad are clean and neat people.  We all kind of clean up after ourselves.  (Yes, I know Mother, some of us more slowly than others.)  But, as much as my mother is a cleaner, she is moreover a servant of men, women, and anyone who is around her.  As is my father.  They both are constantly thinking of others and doing what they can to love them.

But, I will admit that my home is usually dirty.  I tend to clean in shifts, bathroom one day, floors another, kitchen another.  So, at one given point my place is dirtier than my own standards would like to admit.  But, I've recently stopped feeling guilty about this.  

When did cleaning obsessively become the standard? I'm sorry, but dusting your baseboards is something you do not NEED to do.  Washing your curtains, also not NEEDED.  Of course, for the sake of clean air, these things should be done occasionally (read in years), but should women around the world be spending their time taking care of their home before they care for others?  I think we have horribly screwed up priorities.

And with this little rant, can I just ask why is cleaning and home-making women's work?  I think it is downright irresponsible of us to expect men to be messy and for them to expect us to clean up after them.  We are treating them like children when we do that.  A big part of maturity is knowing what consequences your actions will have and being willing to deal with them appropriately.  Right?

I request that we start keeping it real: homes get dirty when people live in them.  It is not a sign of your inadequacy as a woman or a wife when it isn't perfect.  In fact, it is a sign of your humanity, and us women always needs a bit more of that.
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